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Chacur Family

In 1976, I wished to do Chacur’s family tree.
I searched for Mussa Chacur, a simple and intelligent man who had a great memory, to initiate the research. Together, we went back to 1650....when Chacur was still Chucrala.
As he was very sick, Mussa Chacur died in 1986, but before that he gave to me and my sister, Elaize Chacur, the duty to continue the task. We took care of the research enthusiastically, although, in 1999, Elaize also died.
In 2000, Raphael Chacur and I assumed the responsibility to continue the job, together with his energetic daughter, Regina Maria Chacur. We rolled up our sleeves and reinitiated the job, collecting informations, calling and asking 
everybody with the strong purpose of building the six big nuclei. Such a big family is spread all over the world! 
The internet was an important tool to the research and very useful to register the new names, but without the collaboration and support of Rodolfo, Elaize, Regina and Mussa Chacur we couldn’t create this site with 1311 people and 395 marriages.
There’s so much to’s an endless task! 
We need everybody’s help, eternally!
To the members of the Chacur’s family, we ask an special and dedicated attention to reach a constant update and to the visitors we proudly introduce our family.
This site is a posthumous recognition to Mussa Chacur and to all the relatives, no matter they are close, distant, known or unknown.
Be all welcome to our home!
Sidney Yunan Chaccur and Raphael Chacur
São Paulo - Brasil
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