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Story of the Family Nuclei

As the job of the family tree is made by us, people without specialization, even though with determination to put the project in progress, we obtained 9 branches, which are:



In 1905, Jacob Chacur arrives in Brazil, still single. Years later, Jacob marries  Barbara Bunduki, his first wife, and his second wife was Nadima Anauate.

In 1907, Ésper, Yacoub’s father, arrives in Brazil. Ésper, married to Maria Orfali, comes with his single sons, who married here. They are: Choe, married to Maria Maldonado; Constantino, married to Rosa Bacha; Iscandar, married to Irene Gonzales and Chucralla, married to Wahiba Chacur.

There were some brothers who came with Ésper, and they are: Nuhman, named Father Nicolau and married to Kulsom Chacur; Sarhan, married to Wacila Bunduki and Jubram, who years later moves to USA.


In 1895, the first member of our family, Wadih Chacur, arrives in Brazil with the age of 20 and still single. Wadih Chacur is Mussa and Rosa Youssef Salem’s son and Ibrahim’s grandchild. Wadih marries Jamili Chacur, in Brazil.

Some years later, Wadih’s brothers arrive in Brazil, and they are: Ibrahim, married to Chucrie Kuri Andraus; Ragueb, married to Salua Sabbagh; Fariza Anauate, maybe single; Camel, married to Soraia Dib; Bassil, married to Taman Chame; Amin, married to Nagibe Kuri; Nicolau Sadalla, single; Manira, nun and Wasila, single.


Isaac Chacur  marries twice. His first wife was Helena Kabache and the second is unknown.


Two great-grandsons from the first marriage arrive in Brazil in 1923, Habib and Subhe, both single.

In 1938, Diab and FaduaTrabuksi, Habib and Subhe’s parents, and their single sons and daughter Albert, Ivone and Armando arrive in Brazil.

Later, also arrive some Diab’s brothers who are: Fares, married to Salma Hanny; Tamer, married to Curgie Narchi and Abdala and Taufic, both single.


Chacur Chacur, Isaac’s second marriage son, arrives in Brazil in 1904, still single. Years later, he marries Nideth Anauate.

After that, his brothers Hafez, married to Bacima; Riscala Chacur; Jamile, married to Wadih Chacur; Sallua, who came from Egypt as a widow and in Brazil marries Mazre Moulatlet and Jusmani, married to Elias Marrach, came to Brazil. His brother Antônio went to the USA.

Riscala Chacur arrives in Brazil for the first time in 1910, he goes back to Homs in 1914 with Nideth, who was sick, and his four children. His wife dies in Homs and Riscala asks Afdokia, who we don’t know if was his or her sister, to get a licence from the convent to help him to raise his children. This way, he manages to embark on the last ship leaving Homs to Brazil before the First World War.

In 1918, Riscala returns to Homs and marries Chucrie Camasmie Chacur. He brings his wife to Brazil and they have four children.


In May 3th, 1908, Bichara Jorge Chacur, at the age of 26, marries in Brazil Nazira Antônio Zahara Chacur, with 16 years, who had recently arrived from Syria.

He had been in Brazil for some time and she came together with her future father in law.

Bichara Jorge’s father, Jorge Raphael Chacur, remains in Brazil for more than a year, until his first grandson was born, with the intention of taking all the family back to Syria.

Bichara and Nazira had the children: Adelaide, Alfredo, Alberto, Albertina, Adalgisa, Annice, Alayde, Jorginho and Georgina. The two last mentioned die still young. 

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