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2nd International Meeting

The 2nd International Meeting had place in Santiago, Chile, in October 10th 2015. The local, Estancia El Cuadro, was the ideal place to receive so much affection from our chilean family. The reception, so well organized by Angela Espinoza Chacur's team, had overcome all the expectations. So many people realizing they were so close relatives increased the emotion. We are waiting for a new meeting, very soon, in some place where there are "Chacur" and  love!

1st International Meeting

The Chacur's family 1st International Meeting was a success!
We were 140 people gathered for an arabian diner, of course, at Club Homs on November 9th,2013. The menu was excellent, the atmosphere among the people, most of them which even didn't know each other, yet better. We had an unforgettable evening!
We thank you all and, mostly to the ones that made all the efforts to be there such as Nair Chacur Saud. We hope this to be the first of many meetings.

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Fuad's Chacur speech

Dear family, good evening!

We have so much to greet tonight...the first greeting to the great honored of this meeting, Mussa Chacur  - he taught Arabic at this house for years. Hadn’t he been so passionate for the family, maybe our family tree hadn’t become so healthy...Mussa was living his final days at “Mão Branca Asylum”, and he was weekly bothered by a young man named Sidney Yunan Chaccur, who together with his beloved sister Elaize, alredy deceased, have dedicated so much to our family roots.


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