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Fuad's Chacur speech

Dear family, good evening!

We have so much to greet tonight...the first greeting to the great honored of this meeting, Mussa Chacur  - he taught Arabic at this house for years. Hadn’t he been so passionate for the family, maybe our family tree hadn’t become so healthy...Mussa was living his final days at “Mão Branca Asylum”, and he was weekly bothered by a young man named Sidney Yunan Chaccur, who together with his beloved sister Elaize, alredy deceased, have dedicated so much to our family roots.

Weren’t for this exemplary Chacur’s curiosity, to whom I ask to come to the stage, we would have nothing to tell tonight.

Dear Sidney, in order to know the origin of our family tree, the familiar council need to know your past actions!

I’ll ask you some questions:

-  Do you have the least notion of what have you done with Mussa Chacur in his death bedstead?

-  Do you think it’s normal a 23 year old young man invade an asylum room, late at night, to put out of bed an old man? Gentlemen, this old man, living his final days and  feeling terrible abdominal pain, was put out of bed by this Chacur, who carried and pushed him through the cold corridors in a wheelchair, put him in the car to take him to a medical appointment or to many acupunture’s night sessions. Do you have the least notion of what have you done?  You don’t have to answer right now...

-  I also ask you, why did you do it? He wasn’t your father, uncle, cousin,..even your brother  ...he didn’t belong to your family branch...would you do everything again? You don’t have to answer....we already know your answer.

-  Do you have the notion that you did things that many children wouldn’t have done to an agonizing father at his death bedstead?

-  What do you think you had been for this honored man’s life?

Do not answer now, I’ll answer all this questions with a single word, and I think that everyone in this council had already forgiven you, knowing how you were raised up. Everybody here think that you were an excelent human being, you dedicated love and respect to our honored man...

I disagree, I think that you’re also an honored man today, for everything you did for him and for us...without you the beloved Mussa would died carrying with him our precious family tree roots.

And even disagreeing with everybody, I think that you weren’t a human being to him, you weren’t his body guard!!

Now it’s your turn to explain why and how everything has begun.

I also greet the dear cousin Rafael Chacur, here represented by his wife Maria Amélia, children and grandchildren, who embrassing the family tree project looked for Sidney and together initiated this marvelous garden plantation”.It took to Regina, his daughter, the role of our “garden chief”....she searched for the available internet resources to set up our site and maintained it until now.

I thank this house, Club Homs, in the person of its president Antonio Neiame, who immediately allowed our meeting here today. It would have no sense realizing this meeting in another place because Homs is our land, from where our ancestors ramified worldwide. And if you don’t know, our club is now 93 years old and a great part of Arab entities now existing were built by the members of this house.

I said “our club” because we also contributed to its foundation. Among the 22 members that found it  on May 2nd 1920, were David and Abraham Chacur, to whom we also pay homage.

I also greet one of the most impressive members of our clan, not only known in Brazil but also in Syria, due to his political activities related to the Syrian government.

He’s here represented by his daughter Márcia, her husband, children and nephews. I talk about Alberto Diab Chaccur, a brilliant man, a Chacur ahead his time, who was responsible for the acquisition of part of this club land during his presidency. Together with him was Subhe Hanna Chaccur, here represented by his sons, daughters, sons and daughters in law and grandchildren.

I greet, once more, the honoured presence of our cousins from Chile, Nelson, Gilda, Gerardo, Cecília, Etienne, Veronica, Angela e Nicolás, who made all the efforts to be here tonight, turning our meeting into “international”. Due to their presence, we can complete our family tree with their grandfather Chucre Chacur Antake and his brother Antonio, who emigrated to Chile still single.

I greet my beloved father Eduardo, in the person of the most “Chacur” of the Chacur, my grandfather, the trader Chacur Chacur, who arriving here in 1900 with only 20 years brought with him both few money and life experience but a huge willpower to win. He overcame the Physics laws and his body limits! In his honor, I greet all our family immigrants who crossed the Atlantic Sea “to make it in America”.

My grandfather initiated in trade aplying sales and marketing technics never known, even not speaking the Portuguese he knew everything about his clients, their needs, tastes, habits, schedule...everything. He knew the streets and houses where his clients lived.   

My friends, it was him who invented the word “delivery”, believe me! And he did more: he joined delivery and just in time..sales door to door, prompty delivery...the americans, the english, the germans didn’t know until that time these modern fenitian sales and logistics technics....he revolutionated the world!! Books were written, Nobel prizes were received and my grandfather never was citated in Literature....that’s why I do it now!

He obtained his goods with his friends, already established in March 25th Street and transported his stock in a wood tray hung at his chest. Beyond his four children’s  recognition, he gained, due the long working time, a deep mark in his neck of the same width that the leather belt that supported his wod tray.

Ah, you must be thinking that my grandfather was an ordinary door to door salesman... to me he was a great winner, a fenitian warrior.....a born fighter....he was a hero!

He won! When he died in 1928, he bequested a shop at March 25th Street and another in the neighborhood named “Paraíso”, assumed by my uncle and father, still very young. They also assumed all the family responsibility.

Now I reach you  and greet you all in the person of Nair Chacur Saud, who in her 90s, made all the efforts to come from Rio de Janeiro to be with us.

It’s worth mention that it’s with great joy that we see here a new generation, represented by Matheus, five years old, our cousin Daniel’s son.

When talking about Chacur’s family, we don’t talk only about the ones who carry our surname but about all the people who joined us for love. Greeting you, Eliane, who once declared in public your love for your husband’s family, I greet all the dear ones who joined the family such as you.

We were known as eminent dealers, and throughout our ancestors’ hard work they gave us the tools to work in all the economic activities with success.

Here today we have a sample of what we are.I greet our businessmen, scientists, philosophers, poets, teachers, academics, artists, religious, musicians, journalists, ..I greet you Chacur, well engaged in all productive activities.

Today a Brazilian woman, Lamia Chakkour, General Yussef Chakkour’s daughter, is the ambassador of Syria in France and Portugal. Gen,Yussef Chakkour lived in Brazil in the 60s, representing the Syrian government as consul here in São Paulo. He is here represented by his nieces Márcia and Salua, his brother Wagih’s daughters.

We have many stories, facts and honors which we would like you to talk about for the new generation to understand how proud we are to belong to this wonderful family.

The microphone is open to you all.

Thank you!


São Paulo, November 9th 2013.

Club Homs

Fuad Chacur


In time: after the speech, our cousin Marco Antonio announces that “Julinho”, seated there, one of the first to arrive here and who didn’t sign “Chacur”, not allowing us to identify him previously in the family tree, is also general at the Army First Region Command in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. Congratulations to our cousin Gen. Julio Amo, whose mother belongs to the branch of Bichara Chacur from Rio Claro/SP.

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